19 cfm ABAC S B5900 500L FT5.5 * 3 Phase 415 Volt Silenced Special Order

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ABAC S B5900 500 FT5.5 * 3 Phase 415 Volt Silenced

Performant and nicely designed silencing hood to reduce the noise and increase the user comfort.

This range of two stage belt driven compressors is well protected by a silencing cover. This cover reduces the noise to create a more comfortable work environment for the operator, and ensures higher levels of protection and safety

. The pumps are all well established and have proven designs but the silencing cover makes these compressors unique and innovative.

A double compression providing bigger flows and higher pressure. In two stage compressors, the air is compressed two times. The ABAC range has highly reliable components and is seen as proven technology.

Furthermore, the durability is combined with the user comfort you can expect from this type of high level performance.

As the compressors are providing bigger airflows and they are achieving higher operating pressures, it makes them suitable for most professional and semi-industrial applications such as grinding, wrenching, professional painting, sanding, ....


  • Pump Oil Lubricated Belt Drive
  • Motor 5.5 hp - 4 kw
  • Voltage 400/3/50
  • Tank Size 500 ltrs
  • Output 653 l/min - 19 cfm Displacement - 16.5 Free Air Delivered
  • Max Working Pressure 11 Bar
  • dB(A) 91
  • kg 229
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