Prodry BA175 Medical Adsorption Dryer 140 cfm Special Order

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Prodry BA175 Medical Adsorption Dryer 175 cfm Special Order



  1. Breathing and Medical Air must be installed and maintained in accordance with local regulations and standards.

  2. Models are supplied together with an X1, XA, HC and AC filters.

  3. Meets requirements specified in BS EN 12021 and European Pharmacopeia.

  4. These filter packages typically exceed requirements of EN12021, but will not completely remove certain types of gases including Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

  5. Standard models operate at 7 barg; for other pressures, add suffix e.g. BA045R12 for 12 barg operation.

  6. Standard models supplied with pressure gauges, electronic fault alarm and diagnostic controller.

  7. Standard models supplied with 100-240 VAC at 50-60Hz or 12VDC to 24VDC.

  8. Models BA025 and BA035 have plastic cartridges. Models BA045 to BA175 have aluminium cartridges.

Hospital and Medical Air

Hospitals around the world demand a clean, reliable, source of medical air which will deliver consistent pressure levels and flow rates. Medical air must be free from toxic contaminants, flammable or objectionable vapours, liquids, and particulate debris. It must maintain a fluctuation-free and stable oxygen content that conforms to international standards. PRODRY, used in conjunction with Walker Filtration coalescing and gas adsorption filters, can provide this – complying with industry guidelines such as HTM 02-01 and Worldwide Pharmacopoeia.

Breathing Air Packages

The Pro BA breathing air system utilises the dependable design of the PRODRY desiccant compressed air dryers in combination with internal high performance critical application cartridges. These proven cartridges maintain a steady flow of normal ambient oxygen/nitrogen levels and remove water vapour in line with requirements such as EN 12021.

Pro BA units include a three stage filtration system consisting of a 1 micron
pre-filter, 0.01 micron coalescing filter and an outlet filter for removing odours, tastes and most crucially carbon monoxide. At the heart of the unit is a fully functional electronic controller complete with an LED control panel, built in self-monitoring diagnostics and energy management. The Pro BA range has been designed and manufactured to exceed current legislation guidelines.

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