Prodry PD0110 110 cfm Adsorbtion Dryer Special Order

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From -20 to -74 degrees , for full specification please email for brochure

Please see Above PDF for Fulll Specifications

Walker Filtration Water Separator supplied as standard with PRODRY Models PD0046 – PD0360.

If bulk water enters the absorbtion dryer, it can cause heat expansion to the dessicant, a substantial rise in the dryer differential pressure, poor outlet dewpoint and potential dryer failure.

The dryer warranty will be deemed invalid if a high efficiency Walker Filtration Water Separator with an efficient condensate drain is not used.

Warranty may be invalid if recommended Walker Filtration filters are not used for the protection of the dryer.

We recommend that an XA (0.01 micron) Coalescing pre-filter is installed upstream of the dryer and an RXA (0.01 micron) Particulate (dust) filter is installed downstream of the dryer.

High Performance Desiccant Cartridges are required for applications where -70°C and -74°C dewpoints are required. Cartridges contain 100% high performance molecular sieve specifically designed for critical applications. Contact Walker Filtration for more information.

Standard -40 Degrees

Options - New DMC Controller -20,-40, -70 and Energy savings

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