20 x 40mm Pipe Clip M6 Thread in Centre

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40mm Pipe Clip M6 Thread in Centre

40mm PIPE CLIP M6 Thread in Centre PRICE SHOWN IS QTY 20 off

Minimum Qty Applies Qty = 20 of Applies

Distribution made easy and reliable.

Compressed air where you need it! Our 10 year warranty and unique design provide total peace of mind AIRnet consists of a full range of pipes, fittings and accessories to cover every customer's demand. Extremely light and easy to install: this allows efficient manpower and minimum downtime. AIRnet is 100% modular and ensuring reusable component parts. AIRnet provides optimum air quality at the point of use.

The system remains clean, protecting all downstream equipment. The leakage rate is down to zero. Minimal pressure drop optimizes full use of your compressed air and saves energy.

All parts are available from stock.

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