Airwave VARI-Speed Permanent Magnet 45Kw, 273 cfm, 6-10 Bar + Free Bundle

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Airwave Vari-Speed 45PMF
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Airwave Vari-Speed Permanent Magnet 45Kw, 6-10 Bar + Free Bundle


  • Rotary Screw Pump Oil Lubricated
  • 100% Duty Factor
  • Installation Simple Plug and Play
  • Low Component Count, Solid Seamless pipework
  • Direct Drive Variable Speed
  • Motor 60 hp - 45 kw IP55 Permanent Magnet
  • Soft Start, Low Start Up Amps
  • Voltage 400/3/50
  • Output 104-272.24 cfm @ 7 bar Free Air Delivered
  • Output 104-259.52 cfm @ 8 bar Free Air Delivered
  • Output 104-235.51 cfm @ 10 bar Free Air Delivered
  • Max Working Pressure 10 Bar
  • Tank - No Optional 1000L
  • Outlet - 1/1-2 bsp female
  • Optional Dryer + Pre and Oil Removal Filters, 
  • Advanced Monitoring System with Maintenance Warnings Touch Screen
  • Max Duty Cycle 100%
  • dB(A) 75
  • Kg 590
  • 1300mm (L) x 1000mm (D) x 1366mm (H) + Dryer
  • 2 Year Warranty T&Cs apply
  • Free 500 Hour Service Kit, Air, Oil Filter, 25L x 4000 Hour Oil

Energy Saving Fixed Speed Vs Variable Speed

Compressor Motor Size in kW 45 / 60 hp

Annual Running Hours 2000hrs

Price per kW in Pence £0.26

Total Compressor Power kW = 50

Estimated Unload Power kW = 15

Fixed Speed Compressor Annual Electricity Cost £16900.00 + vat

By Switching to Variable Speed Compressor an Estimated Energy saving of 36-43% can be Achieved

Total Energy saving £5759.00 - £6796.00 + vat

Energy Savings of 30% can typically be gained, but energy savings as high as 50% are not uncommon on an oversized screw air compressor.

A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) has the ability to vary the output speed of the compressor’s air end depending on the actual pressure in the system.

The net result of this means that when air demand is low, the speed of the compressor is reduced, but when the air demand is high the compressor runs at full speed.

One of the benefits of a Variable Speed screw compressor is that it stops the compressor ‘unloading’ when the air demand is low, unlike a fixed speed machine which will vent unused air to atmosphere when not required. Venting unused air to atmosphere is a particularly wasteful method of flow control when compared to a VSD screw compressor which backs off the speed when demand is low, therefore saving energy. On a constant torque application such as a screw compressor, power is proportional to speed.

For example, if the screw compressor is loaded but the air demand is low and running at 50% speed, the energy savings will be 50%.   

Why Choose Airwave VARI-Speed Permanent Magnet Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors

The IP55, Air cooled, motor allows operation in challenging environments.


Maintenance friendly, all components are easily accessible for maintenance.


Preventing gearbox and belt transmission losses.


Enclosure design delivers reduced noise levels 


30% oversized coolers gives greater reliability and efficiency, especially at low speeds.


Solid seamless steel internal pipework eliminates the risk of perishable hoses


A low component count delivers greater reliability and reduced service costs.


Internal timer prevents unnecessary running and energy wastage over periods of no demand.

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