Bambi Medical & Dental Silent Compressor

MD Range - Silent Air Compressors

Ultra high performance with ultra low noise – the Bambi MD range. Designed for applications demanding the highest quality air supply with all the benefits of very low noise levels. At the heart of the range is the oil lubricated T75 pump unit developed to deliver 50% more air compared to other silent compressors and the only silent compressor fitted with piston rings eliminating oil carryover to the air supply.

Only Bambi offers this unique combination of piston rings and high performance pump* which means the MD range is perfect for critical applications; scientific laboratories, dentistry, pneumatic control systems and any other application requiring ultra clean, ultra silent air!

With sound levels from just 40dB(A) and almost no vibration when running, Bambi MD Compressors can be located in the work area without causing any noise intrusion. Perfect as a stand alone air centre or for a range of OEM requirements.

Compressor Details:
This compressor has piston rings. This means oil carry over can be experienced.
This compressor has a 50% duty cycle. This means 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. Up to a maximum of 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off.
Not intended for heavy duty use. Should not be used with air tools.
These are low noise compressors. "Silent" does not mean zero sound. Please see the Noise Level (dBA) figure.

Faulty items
Compressors can be over worked. If they have been over worked then you have purchased the wrong compressor for the job. This does not qualify as faulty. If you are not sure this is the right compressor for the task, please contact us prior to purchasing it.

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