2" BSP Compressed air energy saver

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Air Saver compressed air energy saver

Air Saver compressed air energy saver

A typical compressed air system will suffer air loss through pipe work joints etc and at the end
of the working day the Air Saver can isolate the air receiver from the rest of the system. The
contents of the receiver will be saved rather than lost over time through leakages etc.
The Air Saver is installed at the receiver outlet and is programmed to open just prior to the start
of work and close just after the shift is over.

A remote operating facility is available as an

The unit is microprocessor controlled and has a 7 day feature with multiple cycles
possible each day.

Model G2
Supply voltage 230 v ac/dc 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 7 w during cycle
Opening / closing duration 30 sec 90° 105 sec 90°
Operating temperature 0 – 60° C
Valve Nickel plated brass with stainless steel ball
Connection 2” BSP
Pressure range 0 to 16 bar

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