WOSm1 up to 60cfm c/w distribution manifold

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Condensate treatment

The WOSm unit achieves separation of oil from condensate by means of multi stage separation using oleophilic filters and activated carbon.

Condensate enters the WOSm via the inlet connection into a cyclonic depressurisation chamber where the condensate is released to atmospheric pressure. The condensate then flows into the filter cartridge where the oil is absorbed by highly oleophilic material.
Final oil removal is carried out by activated carbon. Cleaned condensate from the outlet connection with residual oil content of < 20 ppm can be discharged into a foul drain.
The WOSm unit is fitted with a disposable filter cartridge
Inlet 8mm Oulet 8mm c/w Distribution Manifold 4 x !/4 bsp female, 2 x 3/8 bsp female Inlets



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