5.5-37kw Containerised Air Systems

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5.5-37kw Containerised Air Systems
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Containerised Air Systems

Air Technique Ltd Containerised Air Systems

We can supply any any size compressor from our range (5.5 to 37kw) Fixed or Variable Speed, Oil Injected or Oil Free and containerise it for ease of installation and transportation anywhere in the world

Packages can include dryers,tank, fan enclosures, oil/water seperators, filtration, lighting, distribution boards,energy recovery, anything you require!

Building your ideal bespoke air system 5.5-37kw


Subject = Customer criteria

Please select from the following the items you require below and email to receive your quotation


1/ Compressor capacity in cfm or lt/min

2/ Required operating pressure 8 or 10 Bar

3/ Oil injected (standard) Rotary Screw

4/ Oil Free Rotary Screw (class 0 Food,Medical ,Pharmacutical )

5/ Fixed or Variable Speed

6/ Back-up Compressor for uninterrupted production

7/ Air Dryer 3-5 degrees ( standard )

8/ Adsorption Dryer -20 , -40 or -70 degrees


Items Installed as Standard

1/ Tank capacity = 270-500ltr

2/ In-line  Pre Filter 25 micron

3/ In-line Oil Removal Filter 0.01 micron

4/ No-loss condensate drains fitted to all items

5/ Oil-Water Separator for treatment of water condensate discharged

6/ Thermally controlled Extraction fan for container

7/ Pre-Piped internally to all equipment and 4 external distribution outlet points

8/ All internal Electrical equipment Pre-Wired

9/ All items modular enabling future up-grading

10/ By-pass system fitted to all items for servicing - inspection - replacement

Optional Extras

1/ Remote monitoring system ( Ethernet connection required )

2/ Heat recovery ( Air ) 22kw upwards

3/ Heat recovery ( Water ) 22kw upwards

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