Medical Air Adsorbtion

Hospital and medical air

Hospitals around the world demand a clean, reliable, source of medical air which
will deliver consistent pressure levels and flow rates. The medical air must be free
from toxic contaminants, flammable or objectionable vapours, liquids and particulate
debris. The air quality must conform to recognised international standards.
Both the medical dryer and the attached filtration have been designed and
manufactured in accordance with the UK & International guidelines. Available in
either simplex or duplex versions, the units currently utilise unique modular filters and
desiccant drying processes to perform at its maximum capability.
Walker Filtration can offer custom designed medical packages for international
markets. Our design engineers are able to offer support and technical consultation
by combining our expert knowledge of filtration and drying products with our
experience in liaising with OEM customers.
Hospital and medical air packages are bespoke, we work together with companies
to meet the varying performance standards required. For more information please
contact the Walker Filtration sales team.
Breathing air packages
The Pro BA breathing air system uses a standard Pro Dry desiccant compressed air
dryer, which is upgraded with Pure Flow replaceable cartridges.
These desiccant cartridges maintain normal ambient oxygen / nitrogen levels and
remove water vapour. In addition, these units include a complete three stage
filtration system consisting of a 1 micron pre-filter, 0.01 micron oil mist coalescer and
an outlet filtration for removing odours, tastes and most crucially carbon monoxide.
At the heart of the unit is a fully functional electronic controller complete with an
LED control panel, built in self monitoring diagnostics and energy management.
The Pro BA range has been designed and manufactured to exceed current legislation
guidelines including ISO 8573:1, BS EN 529: 2005 and EN 12021 and therefore is
suitable for worldwide installation.
Exceptional design capabilities allow Walker Filtration to meet the highest demands,
including those of OEM customers.

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