Arid-Dry 50 cfm Adsorption Dryer

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Arid-Dry 50
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Arid-Dry 50 cfm Adsorption Dryer


Adsorption Dryer

point of use dryer is designed with reliability at the forefront, has no shuttle valves and uses only positively driven valves, eliminating any chance of valve failure and extending service periods. The standard unit dries air to a dewpoint of -40C and comes with pre and after filtration. Lower dewpoint models are available on request.

The proven extruded aluminium technology is ideal for an array of applications, including dental, medical, powder coating, printing and laser technology, pneumatic control, plasma cutting and general manufacturing.


Principles of Operation

comprises of aluminium top and bottom valve blocks and extruded aluminium chambers filled with desiccant (DRI-ZORB 27).

The air is dried as the air passes through the desiccant bed. One chamber is drying, whilst the other chamber is regenerating using the PSA principle (Pressure Swing Adsorption). The change is automatic and controlled by the digital controller.

A small amount of the dried compressed air is used to regenerate the saturated desiccant bed by expanding the dry air from line pressure to atmospheric pressure removing the moisture absorbed by the desiccant and therefore regenerating the dryer.


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