Airwave Eco-Dry up to 120 cfm TR-30 Heavy Industrial Refrigerated Dryer

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Eco-Dry 120 TR-30
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Eco-Dry up to 120 cfm Heavy Industrial Refrigerated Dryer

Eco-Dry  TR30 up to 120 cfm Refrigerated Dryer

Sizing a Dryer

You need to match the volume (cfm - l/min) of the compressor to the flow of the dryer.

Rule of thumb when selecting, you can go bigger, but never smaller, if the air volume is too large, the dryer cannot reduce the air temperature down

 Water Contamination

Due to there being moisture in the air, there will be moisture in your air system. Heat is generated during compression and to make things simple we can say that the moisture is vapour (steam) when in this state the vapour will bypass to a large degree any filters you put in your system

What we require is condensation to take place by cooling, to some degree, due to tanks being a large surface area, this can happen there, and a simple filter installed, but if the air flow is constant, then another way is required that is more efficient, this is when you require a refrigerant dryer, especially when paint spraying, or running CNCs, this is just like your home fridge, but instead of keeping your food cold, it reduces the air temperature to 3-5 degrees ambient, once the vapour becomes a solid matter i.e. water droplets, it can be removed by a filter

 Todays compressed air production process is not only a matter of producing air, but also of confirming with defined purity criteria. , Refrigerant dryers are the right solution to remove condensate and continue efficiency.

 Benefits from the Eco-Dry range:

  • Longer lifetime of your equipment and distribution network due to less wear
  • Better productivity and lower maintenance costs thanks to less breakdowns
  • LED Display, dew, alarms, status
  • Energy saving with lower pressure drops
  • 12 months Warranty
  • Inlet - Outlet 1 Bsp Female
  • Gas R410a
  • Digital Display
  • Power Supply - 240 volt
  • Automatic Adjustable Electric Timed Drain
  • Dew Point 2-5
  • Dimensions D640 x W520 x H850mm
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