Shipping & Returns

All returns are subject to a 20% handling charge or £25, whichever is greater,price also plus collection fee,(dependent on weight) + vat

SPECIAL ORDERS are non-returnable, This is non-negotiable.

Only goods from within the Air technique Catalogue will be considered for return. Non Catalogue items are non returnable unless faulty.

Requests to return goods must be made within 7 days from date of delivery note or 21 days from order date, whichever is the lesser.

Returned goods must be unused and in good working order, and all packaging unopened

Air technique reserve the right to decline any returns requests, especially requests for return of large quantity orders specifically ordered for your requirement.

Goods are not to be returned without an authorised returns note stating Air technique return number.

Any returned items must be accompanied by an Air technique returns note, failure to add this makes the return void.

Air technique,s decision whether to accept return or cancellation is an independent decision based on our own business policies, and is not dependent solely on whether the original manufacturer or our supplier will accept the goods back for return or cancellation of the order. Therefore direct contact by any of our customers to our suppliers will not be entertained and will, in fact, result in an automatic rejection of that returns claim by us.


International Shipping

We Ship Worldwide

Bambi and Abac produce top quality products which are covered by guarantee for 12 months. They require little maintenance. We hold a comprehensive range of spare parts which can be readily dispatched worldwide.

If you are an overseas customer, we can send you a tax free pro-forma invoice along with our bank details and we will ship the goods as soon as we receive payment.

Customers within the EU will need to provide us with their VAT tax number. Customers that are not tax registered will have to pay the UK VAT of 20%.

Payment cannot be made on our web site because it will automatically add UK VAT at 20%. Payment can be made in Pounds Sterling or in Euros. If paying in Euros, we add an extra 10 cents onto the exchange rate of the day as given by

To obtain a quotation for shipping we would need your full address. Alternatively we can give you the dimensions and weight of the consignment and you may arrange for your own carrier to collect from our factory.

Once we have received your payment we will pack the goods for export and notify you by email when the consignment is ready for collection.

Export packing for Bambi products is free of charge. It is an extra £100.00 to export pack a Abac Product.

ABAC and Classic Pro Piston compressors

Reciprocating (Piston)

Warranty Terms and Conditions

All reciprocating (piston) air compressors are designed for 50% usage maximum

This means 3 minutes on, 3 minutes off. Up to a maximum of 10 motor starts per hour
Warranty period is 12 months from date of purchase.

All warranty repairs to be carried out by Air Technique Ltd or authorized distributors


Reciprocating (Piston) Air Compressors.

Classic Pro Belt Driven and ABAC Direct Drive “back to base” warranty only.

All warranties are return to Air Technique Ltd

ABAC Belt Driven on-site warranty


Any service item, i.e. air filter, gaskets, non-return valves, safety valve, etc.

Damage due to Low or no lubricating oil (where applicable), or incorrect lubricant.

Faults arising due to the use of the product outside of its design criteria.

Any faults arising from poor ventilation.

Any faults due to the use of the air compressor in outdoor conditions.

Any faults arising from the fitting of non-genuine components or spare parts

Incorrect electrical or mechanical installation

Use of extension lead (1 phase only), electrical damage due to use with extension lead

Normal wear & tear /

Accidental Damage

Warranty on products where servicing or commissioning has not been done in strict accordance with manufacturer's guidelines will be revoked


Bambi Compressors

This compressor has piston rings. This means oil carry over can be experienced.
This compressor has a 50% duty cycle. This means 3 minutes on, 3 minutes off. Up to a maximum of 10 motor starts per hour
Not intended for heavy duty use. Should not be used with air tools.
These are low noise compressors. "Silent" does not mean zero sound. Please see the Noise Level (dBA) figure.

Faulty items
Compressors can be over worked. If they have been over worked then you have purchased the wrong compressor for the job. This does not qualify as faulty. If you are not sure this is the right compressor for the task, please contact us prior to purchasing it.

Warranty period is 12 months from date of purchase.

All warranty repairs to be carried out by Air Technique Ltd or authorized distributors

All warranties are return to Air Technique Ltd, “back to base” warranty only.